Bitcoin comes in limelight in 2009 and from that day its network is increasing day by day. For the mining, first of all, we start to use CPU and then we move towards GPU. After some time in 2011 we start to use FPGA and now in the current time, we use ASIC miners. From the introduction of GPU, the mining from CPU is completely finished. If you see now, mainly GPU and ASIC are used.

Antminer S9 is the current top miner in the market and it is the most efficient miner in the market, as a result, you will find that it wastes least amount of energy than other miners out there. If you check then you will find that it is the most expensive miner in the market and the main reason for its high rate is its superior mining abilities. If it works very well then you will start earning lots of money. When you run Antminer S9 then you need additional PSU to run. It is that type of miner which still able to create a somewhat positive ROI in today’s environment.

If you are looking to get Antminer S9 then you have to very careful as you know this is the very costly item. Take the help of the internet in finding a good company. Look for the company who is reputed and check the previous records because these will help you to get an idea that this company is good or not. When you choose a mining company then you need to choose mining package and then pick a mining pool. You need to join the well-established pool to get benefits. If you are looking to buy S9 ASIC miner then take the help from us. We will provide you best services at affordable rate.


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